Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why haven’t I heard of brain training before?

    Although the concept of neurofeedback has been around for over 50 years, it is only recently that it has developed to the point of reaching the masses. Brain Wave Optimization® (BWO) has been perfecting their technology and have finally come out with a system that is 100% safe, effective, affordable and requires no conscious effort by the client! It may take some time before it is as common as a workout at the gym but the results speak for themselves, brain training is here to stay. 

  • How does Brain Wave Optimization (BWO) work?

    Brain Wave Optimization (BWO) can be best described as a personal trainer for your brain. By giving information to the brain about what it’s doing, it is able to make changes to become more efficient. Neurofeedback has been helping to improve brain function for over 50 years now. The process involves technology reading brain activity, interpreting it and then sending subtle signals back to the brain when it needs to look at what it’s doing, allowing the brain to relax and adjust. Brain Wave Optimization® (BWO) can be thought of as effortless mindfulness. During a session your brain is working very hard, neurofeedback is like a coach constantly correcting the form of your brain patterns. Most people create poor habits and negative mental patterns throughout their whole lives without even knowing it, often when they are very young.  BWO is like holding a mirror up to your brain showing the overexerted and muddled areas allowing your central nervous system to respectively, clean up as it sees fit.

  • What happens in a session?

    First, the trainer will comfortably attach 3 tiny sensors to the scalp and 2 to the ears. The sensors will pick up the faint signals coming from your brain and relay them to the Brain Wave Optimization® (BWO) Technology program. During the training you may listen to some relaxing music or watch a movie for a little over 30 minutes. Most importantly you do not have to do anything specifically during the training. The brief interruptions in the sounds and images are giving vital information to your brain subconsciously allowing it to reorganize and become more efficient based on your unique brain patterns. After the session is over a relaxed, at ease feeling may occur. The transformation with BWO happens according to the brain’s own intrinsic wisdom and no conscious effort from the client is required.

  • How many sessions do I need?

    This is a difficult question to answer because everyone’s central nervous system is unique and will react differently to the information it is given through Brain Wave Optimization® (BWO). After the first 1-5 sessions many people will report feeling clearer, calmer, lighter or brighter, well rested, an improved outlook and engaging more effectively with colleagues or loved ones. After 5 sessions it should be apparent if the training has shifted at least something for you. These new shifts will become what is called your ‘new normal’ and should stay with you just like learning to ride a bike. To get to your ‘new normal’ may take no more than 10 sessions! Many clients find it beneficial to continue training after their desired results to tune-up their central nervous system on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis to stay sharp.

  • Why use Brain Wave Optimization?

    Brain Wave Optimization® (BWO) is the most advanced brain training technology available today. BWO neurofeedback systems are very different from other systems. It is completely non-invasive and non-directive because it is based on both a very different understanding about how the brain works, as well as how it is best optimized. BWO is designed to work with the brain as an information-detection system. By simply giving the brain information about its own activity — about what it has just done— BWO helps the brain re-organize itself, thereby activating its own intrinsic healing wisdom. As a result of training the brain becomes more stable. As its flexibility and resilience improve, problems and issues begin to fade away.

  • Do I need to bring or do anything in the session?

    We only recommend wearing something comfortable and an expecting positive results.  If possible try not to drink alcohol or anything with caffeine 24 hours before your session(s).  Your hair and scalp should be washed before each session and please refrain from using Cream Rinse. During the session the best thing to do is sit back and relax, allowing any thoughts or feelings to come and go as they please. If you find it hard to relax or sit still that is perfectly okay and never a problem, we have different media available and it should get easier to relax as training continues.

  • What results will I see?

    According to multiple surveys of trainers from around the world, the most common client improvements seen in order are:

    1. Sleep  • Better Attention and Focus
    2. Anxiety
    3. Stress
    4. Depression
    5. Trauma (PTSD)
    6. Headaches (Migraines)
    7. Chronic pain (fibromyalgia) • General well-being • Burnout
    8. Autism • Anger • (irritability, aggression) • Addiction • Eating disorders • mood swings (PMS, menopause) • Peak performance • Confidence • OCD • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
    9. Epilepsy • Bi-polar • Aspergers • Panic attacks • Gastrointestinal problems (Celiac, constipation) • Phobias • Behavioral issues (tantrums, melt downs) • memory • Resiliency.
    10. Dyslexia • Lyme disease • Tourettes • Chemobrain • Asthma • Meditative arts • Performing arts • Specific noise disturbance • Parkinsons

    Remember these are the most common changes noticed, some may be lower because they are less common.

  • What if the training doesn’t work for me?

    There are some factors that can slow the brain’s ability to make changes. These include some severe or undiagnosed medical conditions, some medications, the client not wanting to train, having specific expectations, hormonal/sleep/hydration/nutrition imbalances, and hostile living situations. Brain Wave Optimization® (BWO) training does not ‘fix’ any problems, it simply signals the brain to let go of what could be causing them. Although training can facilitate astounding changes, it is one aspect of our lives and other factors can help or constrain the speed and degree of changes. Remember everyone’s brain is different and this is a journey to your best self.

  • Are there any side effects?

    No major side effects.  Most clients report zero side-effects. Reported side effects are usually: feeling tired after a session, slight increase of prior symptoms, light headaches, overly relaxed, emotional and more sensitive to drugs (medication). These effects are short lived and are never new.  Each “side-effect” can be thought of as the brain ‘cleaning out the garage’ for that symptom. For example with anxiousness, first all the boxes are taken out of the garage (brings out our anxiousness) and then whatever needed is neatly put back (cleaned up and good as new!) and everything we no longer need is tossed out.

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