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The Science Behind Eating A Healthy Diet: Only 5 Minutes A Day?

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Healthy Diet
It is difficult to deny the power of a healthy diet. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat could prevent cancer according to Harvard Medical researchers. The key is eating these foods in moderation and having a balance between antioxidants and pro-oxidants. It takes only five minutes every…

The Bizarre Origin of Eisoptrophobia!

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Mirrors have always been a part of human culture. They were used in ancient China and Rome to frighten enemies, and they’ve been an integral part of religious ceremonies for centuries. Mirrors are often seen as symbols of power, protection, or vanity—a symbol that is ever-changing with the times. But…

7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making on the FODMAP Diet!

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When you are trying to lose weight, it can be really tough. The best way to find out which foods work for your body and which don’t is the FODMAP diet. It’s a low FODMAP diet that eliminates certain food groups like dairy and grains. This article will cover the…

Calciferol: The New Antivirus?

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To the naked eye, a virus is an invisible menace. But to your immune system, it’s a target. And now scientists may have found a way to turn the body’s defense mechanism against these invaders: vitamin D, also called Calciferol. Vitamin D is most recognized for its impact on bone…

Old Hag Syndrome… Now, What’s That?

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Old Hag Syndrome
Got Scared While Sleeping? Saw Demons and monsters? Hard to move and fight? Way too scary? Right? But no worries, We’ll tell you what it is but before beginning let’s clear one thing there’s nothing to be embarrassed about it. Many people are facing this issue, Don’t worry you are…

Depression and the Gut Flora Connection!

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Gut health Queens Quay
The gut-flora connection is becoming one of the most talked-about topics in medicine. We all know that our guts are home to trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, but what we might not realize is how these microbes affect everything from asthma to depression. Studies have shown that there’s…

Stop Everything Because… It’s Time For Box Breathing!

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Box Breathing
Box Breathing is a technique that can be used to calm our minds, release emotional tension, and bring us to the present. It’s a way of using our breath in order to achieve physiological changes in the body. This technique has been used for centuries by many different cultures, but…

Brain in Your Gut? Wait !.. What? The Second Brain?

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second brain
Gut feeling is a term used to describe the sense of unease or apprehension one may feel in response to an unfamiliar situation, often without any logical reason. It’s also known as “gut instinct.” Gut feelings are sometimes considered more reliable than logic or intellect because they are based on…