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Welcome Enlightenment and Enhance Your Well-Being With Meditation

Meditation is a skill — it’s not an innate trait! You have to work on it, and you’ll find that over time, you’ll become better. At first, you may notice your mind begins to wander. You’ll begin worrying about the tasks of the day, current stressors, or your environment. This is normal! However, the goal is to completely quiet your mind with an alternative therapy method.

By using meditation for relationship help and life coaching in Queens Quay, you’ll be reminded to follow your breath, and meditation will become easier for you. Your mind can be a difficult place to live in sometimes; however, we can help make it the safest, warmest, and most friendly place that you could live.

After all, it is your home!

Reduce Stress

Reduce Anxiety

Enhance Outlook

What is Meditation?

It’s all the rage right now – for a good reason. Meditation is an ancient practice, presumably dating from 5000 to 3500BCE. First practised by the Vedas in India, Meditation was further developed by the Buddhists in India, China, and Japan. Now largely used in the Yogi community, meditation is loved for its positive benefits of spiritual fulfillment and emotional stability.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offers several physicals, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits! Through our services of life coaching in queens quay, we assist you in your relationship help and life coaching in queens quay, Toronto. Some of our favorite benefits of meditation are:

  •  Reduced stress and inflammation levels caused by stress
  •  Decreased anxiety levels, phobias, and anxiety disorders
  •  Enhanced outlook on life and improved self-image and confidence
  •  A greater understanding of oneself, improved self-awareness, and increased growth
  •  Increased attention span and ability to focus
  •  Improved sleep (faster to fall asleep and a more restful, deep sleep)
  •  Controlled pain levels
  •  Decreased blood pressure
  • Drug free therapy in Queens Quay

Meditation Coaching

At Master Your Mind, we provide guided meditations with trained meditation coaches to provide the most benefits from your practice. Our coaches will guide you on your spiritual journey and path to enlightenment through tranquil, motivating guided meditations that lead you toward self-discovery and self-improvement.

Enjoy our meditation classes, where you’ll learn to:

  •  Quiet your mind
  •  Deepen your practice
  •  Create a habit of regular meditation
  •  Include mindfulness techniques into your daily activities
  •  Live in the present moment
  •  Get Relationship Help with others and yourself
  •  Improve your productivity
  •  Relax fully
  •  Enhance your spirituality
  • Drug free therapy in Queens Quay

Meditation FAQs

What is the best way to begin my practice?

Set intentions for your practice – whether you want to sit for two minutes or twenty minutes. You may choose to repeat a mantra, or you may want to focus on breathwork. Find a focal point, whether that be calmness, kindness, or balance. Allow yourself to let go of your current worries, stressors, or anxieties for the duration of your practice.

How long should I meditate per day?

This will be largely dependent on your own personal goals! Like any exercise, you’ll be able to sit longer as you begin to train yourself. Start small and celebrate the length of time that you can focus on your breathwork. If you are new to meditation, you may only sit for five minutes – and that’s okay!

Where should I do my practice?

Find a comfortable and quiet place to practice your meditation! At Master Your Mind, we have a dim room that we dedicate to our practice. At home, you can simulate this as well. Dim the lights and be free of noise. As you begin to improve your practice, you may learn to meditate in busy rooms.

How should I sit?

We recommend that you sit in a way that is comfortable for you! Try having the spine upright, shoulders relaxed, and the hands resting. Above all, make sure you’re comfortable and can stay in this position for several minutes.

Connect and Balance Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically Through Meditation

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